Welcome tenant

Welcome tenant

You have access to your apartment at 12.00 on the day the lease starts. If the date is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you must move in on the next working day.

If you have moved in without the caretaker present, you must sign and submit the inspection report found in the apartment.

You are responsible for your apartment and for those who visit you in the property. We hope that you will enjoy living with your neighbors and that you will show consideration for each other. Parties and celebrations are of course enjoyable from time to time, but we see that the property is quiet between 22:00-07:00. The real estate emergency service includes emergency call-outs, which are very costly and are charged to the disruptive tenant.

Self-painting and wallpapering must be done professionally and inspected by us both before and after completion.

All apartments are equipped with smoke alarms.

Drilling in walls and ceilings in bathrooms is absolutely forbidden we have a high standard in all bathrooms with bathroom cabinets, hooks and towel dryers etc. If there are more wishes, please contact us instead.

You are responsible for your bulky waste.

Pets should always be kept on a leash outside your apartment and it is particularly important that they are kept away from children’s play areas.

Välkommen hyresgäst